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Yearly Package Shipments
YearTotal Shipped
2023300 boxes
2022253 boxes
202190 boxes
2020429 boxes
2019619 boxes
20181189 boxes
20174163 boxes
20164227 boxes
20153978 boxes
20141509 boxes
20131342 boxes
2012956 boxes
20111024 boxes
20101006 boxes
2009873 boxes
2008356 boxes
2007519 boxes

Goal for 2024:
All that HOME can send.

Houston, Texas
Jun 15, 2024

??° F, unknown

Baghdad, Iraq
Jun 15, 2024

??° F, unknown

Kabul, Afghanistan
Jun 15, 2024

??° F, unknown

Mailing Address:

Help Our Military Endure
P.O.Box 57636
Webster, Tx 77598-7636

Physical Address:

17629 El Camino Real
Suite 100
Houston, Tx 77058

Letters from Our Soldiers

Letter from a Soldier. Click image to view larger.

Hand written letter from a soldier

Greetings from Camp Bucca Chapel. Click image to view larger.

Letter from Camp Bucca Chapel Chaplain


This is GySgt Brian Cybulskis, one of the recipients of the many packages you have put together and sent out. I want to extend my sincere gratitude for your thoughts in putting the packages together and thinking about the men and women who are serving here in Iraq. We appreciate everything that you have sent. I received the first group of packages about a month and a half ago and then went on 15 days of R&R (Leave), When I returned to Iraq a few days ago, this package was waiting for me. It was a great surprise to have waiting for me when I returned. Thank you again for your thoughts and prayers!

Brian Cybulskis

Just wanted to drop a note to let you know that some more of the packages arrived! I really appreciate the patches and bumper stickers! I was able to pass some of the stickers/patches and candy out today. The Soldiers really liked it! I will try to get some pictures to you ASAP!

CH (CPT) Myron Johnson
264th CSSB BN Chaplain

Dear Ms Wood,

I recently received your care package and card, and want to thank you for your support. The care package is greatly appreciated and its contents will come in very handy for the members of our team. Words cannot express how much we appreciate the support from Americans like you. Your support and words of encouragement certainly make it easier to carry on and fulfill our mission, while being so far from home.

Thank you.

Very Sincerely,
Major James Welch
Federal Police Transition Team 6010
1st Mechanized Federal Police Brigade

Hello Ladies,

Thank you SO much for the care packages! We received them yesterday and it was like Christmas! Everyone appreciates you thinking of us. Its really nice to be remembered at home! Is there anything we can do for you, or anything you would like to know from here?

Much appreciation!

Good morning Trudy, the outstanding BSA Troop 615, and phenomenal Clear Creek ISD students and teachers!

I am a Navy guy currently serving in Iraq. I recently received several care packages from Ms. Duhon as part of her HOME project to support the deployed troops. We finally received all of them recently, and opened them yesterday. We had almost every service member in our section of the floor huddled around me as we opened all 8 boxes! It was like Christmas and we were all kids, excited to open and see what surprise awaited us.

We are all so blessed to have people back home that think and care for us, we are all very proud to serve for our great country, and our families. Each of you have far exceeded any expectations we had, and have done much more than you certainly needed to. The flags from BSA Troop 615 were meticulously folded and packaged, the boxes were assembled with a variety of "stuff" that offered something to each of us, and the unbelievably thoughtful letters by students and teachers brought smiles to our faces.

Of course, we would not be the world's best if we also did not take care of others in real need. We will be donating items from the care packages to a local Iraqi school across the street. Your efforts have served us, as well as fostered friendship to needy Iraqi children.

We are all proud to serve.

- LCDR KC Chhipwadia

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