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2023300 boxes
2022253 boxes
202190 boxes
2020429 boxes
2019619 boxes
20181189 boxes
20174163 boxes
20164227 boxes
20153978 boxes
20141509 boxes
20131342 boxes
2012956 boxes
20111024 boxes
20101006 boxes
2009873 boxes
2008356 boxes
2007519 boxes

Goal for 2024:
All that HOME can send.

Houston, Texas
Jul 14, 2024

??° F, unknown

Baghdad, Iraq
Jul 15, 2024

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Kabul, Afghanistan
Jul 15, 2024

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Help Our Military Endure
P.O.Box 57636
Webster, Tx 77598-7636

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17629 El Camino Real
Suite 100
Houston, Tx 77058

Letters from Our Soldiers

Letter from EMCS James D. Cullers, U.S. Coast Guard. Click image to view larger.

letter from James Cullers

Greetings All,
I hope you all had a fun, safe and blessed Christmas holiday. Wow, the amount of packages and letters you guys have sent have been overwhelming. Thanks to all the school teachers who have sent and orchestrated all the drawings and pictures from their students. MUCH appreciated.

I must let you know that I am nearing the end of my tour here within the next 4 months. However, good news is that I have a good replacement or 2 that will be here for some time so I'll be speaking with them when they arrive "here".

Well, I pray that God gives you abundant blessing in the new year. Thank you all for your continued support and prayers.

Derrick Vann

Wow the overall support we have received is AMAZING because of you all I want to say thanks from myself and my squad. Many of the single soldiers do not receive care packages from family or friends, so being able to tell a soldier that they have a package waiting for them is one of the greatest feelings for a soldier overseas to have.

Currently it is about 10-30 degrees every day. Cold weather gear is great, things such as gloves, hats, army green socks and white socks with (no logos). Polo shirts, sweat pants, Sweatshirts-hoodies between the sizes of medium, large, and XL would be some awesome things I would love to be able to get to some of the soldiers who were not prepared for this cold. Clothing sizes between medium, large, and XL.

As the weather changes and starts to get even colder we are staying inside a lot more, things to do such as watch movies, listen to music, reading books, board games (ex. monopoly, life, chance etc...)

Snacks are always nice for work because we don't always have time to get a meal, so having a snack to keep for the squad at work is great cause it can tide everyone over until the mission is accomplished and we can eat a meal. Things like microwave macaroni and cheese, goldfish, fruit roll ups, noodles, microwaveable soups. Things of this nature are awesome because they are simple and easy to cook.

I just want to say thank you for what you all do to support us and other soldiers, It means more than you can imagine and I am honored by your generosity.

Austin Dawson
South Korea

Hello, I am still here and nothing has changed in my profile. I just came back from leave so sorry for the long response time. The packages over the holidays were quite impressive. Thanks so much for all the hard work you do and please keep them coming!

Thanks again,
James Cullers
Coast Guard

Thanks for your continued support, it's much appreciated by all of us!
As far as any special needs/requests go, the below items seem to be "highly desired":

  • "Quick fix" microwaveable meals and "cup of pasta" meals (mac and cheese pouches, top ramen noodle, and any tv style dinners that don't require refrigeration)
  • Chapstick (Blue or black label)
  • Sunscreen (it's easy to get sunburn here with 24 hours of sunlight)
  • Tampons, Plastic Applicator (not cardboard)
  • Laundry Detergent Pods (they are the little pouches of detergent that melt when they come into contact with water)
  • Peanuts, cheese-it crackers, and other various somewhat healthy snacks (candy not preferred)
  • Canned spray cheese (for crackers)
  • Cologne and perfume (helps when we aren't able to shower for a few days)
  • Men's and women's deoderant
  • Any short sleeve or long sleeve t-shirts sizes M-XL
Thanks so much! Attached is a picture of some of us from my unit. The mountain in the background of the picture had the top of it shaved off by a glacier (Mt. Dundas). It is finally starting to warm up out here and the snow is slowly starting to melt away. we are so ready for warmer weather!


Storyboards from Chaplain Steven Thomas

We have started putting up Christmas decorations all over our area. It helps many people have hope. We have passed out many homemade cookies with much gratitude form the Soldiers especially the ones that had to work when we had the big Thanksgiving meal. It is hard to explain how much it helps us. It is interesting, we do not need much because we have a DFAC (Cafeteria), but again we do need the support. Imagine living in a large tent upon a mountain having a cafeteria for your food, though many have food brought out to their area when they work at least 12 hours a day 7 days a week and cannot walk to the cafeteria. We need the support you give to make life more bearable, and we have a connection with our country. I know many Soldiers take for granted what you do for them, and do not see the sacrifices YOU make. If I could write everyone individually for all the love gifts I have received in my taskforce I would not do anything but write!!!!

I Say thanks again for the gift giving people in a season known for hope!

Here are a few pictures, though I am not done using what you all gave to me to give to our troops.

CH (CPT) Steven E. Thomas

A few letters from our soldiers. Click images to view larger.

Letter from Marilynn Diller, MSgt, USAF Letter from Darrell Fawley Letter from Chaplain Steven Thomas Letter from Britt Bell


I just wanted to share a few photos of the proud men and women you have touched.

Thank you ALL for your heartfelt generosity!

Our Post Exchange is experiencing shortages in every area due to the continued conflict with Pakistan. The majority of our supplies flow through its borders. Your "Care Packages" are providing our troops with the essentials plus morale building supplies that make our days bearable.

Camp Eggers thanks you for remembering us.

You all have made friends forever.



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