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Annual Christmas Packing Party - Saturday, December 1, 2012

Where did the year 2012 go? It seems like just last week we were doing the HOME Golf Tournament, and now we just completed the Christmas packing party. WOW! Time not only flies when you're having fun,,, it completely disappears.

I made a plea for items, donations, volunteers and once again our military wins! The controlled chaos that seems to filter into every packing party, no matter how hard I try to make it a smooth event, is what brings a grand smile to my face. That and seeing the younger generation becoming more and more involved in Helping Our Military Endure.

But it is not my smile that counts. It is the smile that will come from the men and women wearing the uniform when they open those boxes. The boxes that have been filled with gratitude. Filled with love. Filled with surprises, home goodies and filled with wonderful heartfelt THANKS for a job well done in keeping our country safe.

A grateful thank you goes out to each and every one that has helped in making this chaotic packing party a huge success. Thank you for the collection drives, the donations, the cards and letters that are in every box. Thank you for your patience in reading all my emails and my constant reminders. A BIG KUDOS to our new sponsor, ADPOWER. Check their web site out at ADPOWERINC.com. At every packing party I stand in awe of everything you have helped accomplish. It never gets old.

Your accomplishments have packaged up 416 boxes on December 1st in one hour 15 minutes. I applaud all your efforts and patience as we leave 2012 and prepare to keep our Mission of HOME alive and going strong. Regardless of your political viewpoints, our country remains free and our military is to be thanked for that. All military past and present.

trudy Duhon
President, HOME-Help Our Military Endure

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