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2nd Annual HOME Golf Tournament - Friday, May 13, 2011

Lucky Friday 13th. The sun was shining. The birds were chirping and playing chase. The grass was green, freshly mowed and the golfers were smiling ear to ear as they had their pictures taken with Deshay and Rocio, the beautiful Hooters Calendar girls.

The 2nd annual HOME - Help Our Military Endure golf tournament was underway at Country Place Golf Course in Pearland, Texas to help support our troops throughout the world.

With the help of the ROTC Cadet Major Nathan Ramirez, Cadet Corporal Colton Tadlock, Cadet Corporal Alexis Montgomery, Cadet Corporal Brandy Ivy with Instructor: Sergeant Major Bruce Grant from Pearland High School to present the colors and 58 children from the 3rd grade choir under the direction of Glynis David from Cline Elementary School in Friendswood all stood at attention with their hand over their heart and listened to the adorable voices of the choir sing our NATIONAL ANTHEM. Does it get any better than this in America?

An absolutely beautiful and fun day was had by all. So many brought so much to the table that after a year of preparations and countless sleepless nights, the HOME board consisting of Doug Burton(vice president), Rick DeWitt(board chairman), Janet DeWitt(secretary), Jonathan Hughes(treasurer), KC and Poonam Chhipwadia (consultants), Ronnie Duhon(consultant), and yours truly Trudy Duhon(president) all could take a breather and relax. The golfers were at their tees.

With the help of numerous volunteers and donations that poured in throughout the past six months from items for our raffle tables to hole sponsorships and golf teams, our active military will be the true winners of this tournament. Every missed ball, every stroke of the putter, every ball that landed in the water or the woods was for our brave heroes that serve this amazing country so that we can go out every day and continue to do whatever we choose to do. We have the freedom of choice and with that comes responsibility. We have the freedom to choose a religion and a church to worship with, which job to apply for, what school to attend, even when and where to volunteer our time and services. The United States Military from ages past to present and even the future give us the freedom to make our own choices in life. We are the best nation on this earth and we have the choice to stay that way all due to those that have worn the uniform, are wearing the uniform, and those that will make the choice to wear the uniform of our nation. HOME and all our supporters THANK YOU!

With that said the victors of this years tournament are as follows:

1st Place: "Where's That Beer Girl"

  • Nick Thepsounanh
  • Young Yim
  • David Goodwin
  • Jose SanMiguel

2nd Place: "The 147th Reconnaissance Wing from Ellington Field"
  • Jim Rice
  • Lt Col Leslie
  • Capt Weaver
  • SMSgt Cornitius

3rd Place: "Are you happy to see me or is that a life support system in your pocket"
  • KC Chhipwadia
  • Jordan Metcalf
  • Scott Swan
  • Richard Bairdo

Congratulations to all, job well done!

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